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The Stranger
Episode 4: the spot

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The device Yekla used to summon her minion was like many of The Authority’s technology, capable of monitoring and surveying all of the property on Tetra Prime under her care. It was sentient enough to alert the security automatons if anything was amiss in her kingdom.
As the line went dead Yekla’s attention was drawn to a mark on the carpet.

A blue stain that no matter how much her staff tried would never come out. She would not allow Qadeer to meet the same fate as the last person that had dared to speak out against The Authority. Suppose Yekla failed in her mission with the Stranger? She would meet the same fate as the last Chief Chancellor Northern Tetra Prime Camps, the blood stain belonged to that of her predecessor... As long as Qadeer’s loyality was questionable there was always someone around she could pin the blame to should her mission fail. Qadeer had value still…

“You have made a mistake,” said Qadeer but the trembling of her wings made it clear that it was she that would pay for that mistake.

“You’re right, I have.” Yekla considered her next move carefully as she disrobed from her white linen smock. She was becoming too prone to emotional outbursts. If Mils death was to be avenged she must be a cold as the Queen that had called for him to be killed.
She had a new plan to keep Qadeer safe.

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First Contact

the Stranger, episode three: First Contact

The automaton was fast; the Stranger had barely spotted him in the distance before it was upon him. The droid was as tall as he was powerful, towering above the boy making his way up the hill of dirt. The Stranger moved the hand locked into the device to point it at the droid in case it might come to life and defend him should the automaton attack. But it remained painfully lifeless.

“You will come with me,” The automaton’s voice commanded and rippled but unlike other droids he sounded human.

“On whose authority?” Demanded the Stranger, so far the automaton hadn’t forced him to do anything.

“On The Authority,” replied the droid, grabbing him and dragging him back through the dirt towards the ruins.

The Stranger did not resist, there was no point, the device had not come to life, did not protect him. He was strong but no match for this mechanical beast; he had no choice but to face whatever fresh hell the droid was dragging him into. The Authority startled him; it seemed to jog some distant memory just beyond his consciousness. It filled him with dread but he could not place why, “Who is the Authority anyway? And what would they want with me? I don’t even know who I am.”
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the Stranger, episode two

The Stranger walked up the side of the valley towards the ruins in the distance. It was his only choice; the machine clamped into the flesh of his arm was beginning to drive him insane.  He wished he knew if it was the device that was blocking out all memory of who he had been or some other affliction. Off-hand he could remember the vague principals of space travel; even the different types of intelligent life forms struggling to exist in the great void of space, but he could not name his own home world.

I’m fucked, good and hard, and long as hell…

He saw it then, when he was at his most distracted. An odd distortion near the entrance to the ruins, at first he thought it might be a mirage but the temperature was cooling with the setting sun. But the movement, almost human but still so precise, it must be a highly sophisticated automaton released from its chamber. It could only mean one thing, the droid had been sent to collect him.

“This device had better be able to blow a hole the size of a barn,” he muttered to himself wriggling his hand inside the device to see if he could clamp down on anything tangible. Whatever had put this thing on him sure wouldn’t want it falling into the wrong hands… They must have established some kind of defence mechanism to keep him and the device safe…

Otherwise whatever that swiftly approaching droid wanted… it was going to get…


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grey matter

the Stranger, episode one

“Where the hell am I?”

The Stranger woke with no memory of any time before. He didn’t even know how he had reached this nearly barren planet. Only the idea it must have been a space ship that brought him, now departed. There were ruins in the distance; from the valley below they looked empty and haunted. All he knew was his present circumstances and the pain throbbing from his arm where the large metallic device was locked into his flesh. There hadn’t been a single thought since he woke that the device wasn’t a part of.

He would have to walk up the steep incline and discover what waited for him along the horizon. He hoped those ruins held some key to the mystery of where he was or better yet what had brought him here...


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Penny Dreadful Season 2 Promo Is Bloody Interesting


Soon after Showtime won over fans earlier this week by announcing the return of Twin Peaks, they’ve again released some new material detailing the upcoming second season of their newest hit, the British-American horror series Penny Dreadful. Just in time for Halloween!

The fairly short, fairly mysterious trailer can be viewed on - below the cut - and gives some clues on what direction the second season will be moving in.

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